Bono, Eno, Others Join Pavarotti For Bosnian Center Opening

December 22 [7:55 EDT] -- U2's Bono and producer/artist Brian Eno were among those on hand to help opera star Luciano Pavarotti celebrate the opening of a Bosnian music therapy center that bears his name.

Pavarotti raised the bulk of the funding for the project with various charity endeavors, including two recorded all-star concerts in his hometown of Modena, Italy. The center, which cost close to $6 million, was built on the war-torn ruins of an elementary school in the town of Mostar. It hosts a music school as well as a recording studio.

During the war, sponsors like Pavarotti, Eno, Bono and David Bowie had concentrated their efforts on the London-based charity War Child, for the aid of the children in the war torn county. The past two years, the focus shifted to the building of the center, an idea suggested by the charity.

According to reports from Reuters and Britan's PA News, Pavarotti and friends arrived by helicopter to dozens of children who sang for

him as the opera star made his way to the center to unveil a plaque. He spoke at the ceremony as well as to reporters at a press conference.

"Listening to children from two sides of the divided city singing together was "one of the most unforgettable days of my life," said Pavarotti. "In 1995 we were looking for something to do for the benefit of kids. Today here we are where a dream is coming true," said Pavarotti. "It is so gratifying and makes us feel we need to go on working this forever."