Irish Tribute To Omagh Aired, Brian Eno Describes New U2 Album

U2, Bob Geldolf, the Corrs and other Irish performers appeared live on an Irish TV tribute Friday to the victims of the Omagh bombing. The Irish publication "Oh Yeah" reports that U2 opened and closed the show with "North And South Of the River" and "All I Want Is You" respectively, and that Bono spoke at length about the terrorist act that killed dozens of people and injured hundreds more.

"The only grain of hope that you can possibly glean from this terror," said the singer, "is that this has to be the end of it."

The Corrs, who had helped organize the tribute which took place in front of the survivors and their families, played R.E.M's "Everybody Hurts." Bob Geldof read from the WB Yeats poem 'The Second Coming' and performed "The Great Song Of Indifference."

Noel Gallagher had also been expected at the event, but he was apparently ill and sent a taped message and song -- an early demo recording of "She's Electric" -- instead.

In other U2 news, "Oh

Yeah" also reports that occasional U2 producer Brian Eno was the guest at a lecture last week and imparted some interesting tidbits about the band's next album, which is just under way. The producer, responding to a question from the floor that asked if U2 had any ideas or themes for the new album, told the audience that they were attempting to "create joy" with the project which was not an easy thing to do. Guitarist The Edge had earlier told Britain's "New Musical Express" that the new record was going to be "optimistic."

In other Omagh news, the track listing for the tribute album has been confirmed. Performances include:

  • 1. Liam Neeson 'The Cure At Troy' (Seamus Heaney poem)
  • 2. Sinead O' Connor 'Chiquitita'
  • 3. The Divine Comedy 'Sunrise'
  • 4. Boyzone 'Words'
  • 5. The Corrs 'What Can I do?'
  • 6. Daniel O' Donnell 'Beyond The Great Divide'
  • 7. Van Morrison 'The Healing Game' (acoustic version)
  • 8. Ash 'I'm Gonna Fall'
  • 9. U2 'Please'

  • 10. Juliet Turner 'Broken Things'
  • 11. Paul Brady 'The Island'
  • 12. Omagh Community Choir 'Across The Bridge Of Hope'
  • 13. Enya 'Silent Night'