Elastica Looking For New Deal, Planning To Release Album Next Year

"Elastica's new album will definitely be out next year...."

That statement has become something of a running joke in the music industry, as the band has yet to follow up its 1994 self-titled debut. A representative from the group's management assures MTV News that this time, it's really true.

The group has just about wrapped up recording its second LP, and guitarist-singer Justine Frischmann is working out what songs will make the final track list.

Another factor in the record's delay could be that the band recently parted ways with Geffen Records, the label that released "Elastica." The group is currently shopping for a new deal in the U.S.

The band hasn't been staying out of the public eye completely (contrary to popular opinion in America), and on Tuesday night, the group will be performing on John Peel's popular British radio show. The band will play four new songs: "Your Arse, My Place," "Mad Dog," "Generator," and "KB," as well as a cover of Trio's

"Da Da Da."

Elastica's lineup now includes Frischmann and drummer Justin Welsh along with guitarist Paul Jones, keyboardist-backing singer Mew, and keyboardist Dave Bush. Returning to the fold is bass player Annie Holland, a founding member of the group who left a few years back (see "Elastica Get Back To Work").