Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, Wesley Willis Revisit Duran Duran

October 7 [14:00 EDT] -- In case you thought that Duran Duran's songs were good in theory, but not in practice, an armload of artists have taken a stab at these 80s gems.

Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Deftones, and the incomparable Wesley Willis show their Duranie sides on a collection simply titled "The Duran Duran Tribute" which arrived in stores on Tuesday.

On the album, Goldfinger sends "Rio" careening into a tribute to metal shriek-master Ronnie James Dio, and Wesley Willis brings his unique vocal style to "Girls On Film" [500k Audio File] on two of the album's more creative cuts.

Here's who else you'll find on the collection:

  • Goldfinger - "Rio"
  • Buck-O-Nine - "Hold Back The Rain"
  • Home Grown - "Planet Earth"
  • Deftones - "The Chauffeur"
  • Wise Crack - "Come Undone"
  • Reel Big Fish - "Hungry Like The Wolf"
  • Less Than Jake - "The Reflex"
  • Riverfenix - "Ordinary World"
  • GOB -

    "A View To A Kill"

  • Björn Again - "Girls On Film"
  • The Wrens - "The Seventh Stranger"
  • Eve's Plum - "Save a Prayer"
  • Jimmy Eat World - "New Religion"
  • Mr. T Experience - "Is There Something I Should Know"
  • Wesley Willis Fiasco - "Girls On Film"

If you'd rather catch the original version, Duran Duran itself will release a new album called "Medazzaland" next week, and this coming Sunday the band will join some of the acts on that tribute album for a live concert in the parking lot of Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.