Master P, Ice T To Join Dr. Dre, Ras Kass, Mack 10 On Titanic For Video

Master P and Ice T will make cameo appearances in the forthcoming video for the Ras Kass/Dr. Dre/Mack 10 collaboration dubbed "Ghetto Fabulous."

The video, which is a take off of sorts on "Titanic," will be shot this week in Long Beach, California on board the Queen Mary. Also expected to turn up in the clip are Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, WC, Tha Alkoholiks, Xhibit, and others.

Though information on the cameo roles has yet to be announced, word has surfaced that Ras Kass will be taking over the role that heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio made, that of Jack Dawson. Meanwhile, Dr. Dre and Mack 10 will be portraying two upper-class high rollers.

In the video, directed by Chris Robinson (no, not the Black Crowe), Ras Kass and his friends will be seen running through the streets trying to dodge the police just before hopping on board the ship. At first Ras Kass will be shown rapping with the lower-class passengers in the belly of the ship, then when he and his friends start moving

about the vessel to explore, he will meet up with Dr. Dre and Mack 10 in the ballroom. There, Dre will perform in the middle of the dance floor followed by Mack 10 with a new version of the Electric Slide.

In a non-too-surprising turn, the ship will then hit an iceberg, followed by a shot of Ras Kass, Dre, and Mack 10 sitting in a lifeboat floating away unscathed.

The song "Ghetto Fabulous" will turn up Ras Kass' solo album "Rassassination" which arrives on September 22.