Depeche Mode's Gahan Talks About Life In Recovery

May 1 [16:30 EST] -- Considering Depeche Mode's recent history, the fact that the band's new album, "Ultra," ["It's No Good", 864K QuickTime] entered the "Billboard" chart at number five this week must have been welcome news to fans.

The chart success comes less than a year after singer Dave Gahan's heroin addiction and overdose looked like it might wreck the veteran synth-pop group.

But despite the strength of the new album, don't expect to see the band at a club near you anytime soon. Gahan is all too aware of the temptations that life on the road might offer a recovering heroin addict.

"I need time," Gahan told MTV News. "That's why with this record I'm adamant that I don't want to tour at the moment, especially this year. I don't want to set myself up, or put myself in a situation where I'm in a dangerous place or I'm tempted to fall back into old ways."


noted that while he knows he's on dangerous footing, he's quite happy with where the band has wound up.

"Personally I think that we've made possibly the best record in our career, and I'd like to leave it at that, really, for now [1.5 MB QuickTime] and see what happens," Gahan added.

Depeche Mode is planning to play a one-off show somewhere in Los Angeles on May 16, and we'll keep you posted as to the venue.