Depeche Mode To Chat In RealVideo

May 12 [14:00 EST] -- While you won't be able to catch Depeche Mode in concert in the near future, you will be able to see them on Tuesday when they are the subjects of the first ever RealVideo Internet chat.

The band will take to at 10 p.m. Eastern Time for its first interview on American soil since the release of its top ten album, "Ultra," and will field questions from users. The proceedings will be carried in RealVideo, so you can watch the band squirm when you ask them touchy questions.

Depeche frontman Dave Gahan was far from touchy when he sat down with MTV News' John Norris recently for a frank discussion about Gahan's troubles with drug addiction.

"If I want to stay sober then it's something that I'm gonna have to work at," Gahan told MTV News. "Just as, in the same way that when I was actively using daily, I had to work at that."