Depeche Mode Gives Fans A Taste Of What They're Missing

May 20 [Updated 10:30 EST] -- Instead of a world tour, Depeche Mode fans will have to settle for a single five-song performance.

The band played its one and only U.S. show in support of its new album, "Ultra," at the Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles last Friday night at a launch party for the album.

"If we were to go out... I don't think we would enjoy it ourselves, and if we're not enjoying it, then it's not fair on our fans either," [300k QuickTime] singer David Gahan told MTV News of the band's decision not to tour. "We spent nearly two years now working on the 'Ultra' project, and you know, it's not the right time."

The crowd of radio-contest winners who were treated to the band's only U.S. performance seemed to think the band made the right call in keeping its touring to a minimum.

"I would rather have a new CD from the band, than have them come around on the road again," one male fan said. "Rather than seeing

them one time, if you've got the CD, you've got the rest of your life to listen to that."

After weighing the benefits of touring against the rigors of the road, Depeche has decided to pass on a full-fledged tour because Gahan doesn't want to endanger his recovery from heroin addiction, a decision that fans seem to support.

"(I don't want to see them) do a Stone Temple Pilots thing," one female fan added, "where it's... it's canceled because he's going to rehab. Oh! He's back on the road. Oh! He's back in rehab. It's better than wasting your money on tickets that may not be refunded, you know."

While the group will not mount a tour to support "Ultra," which debuted at number five on the "Billboard" album chart, spokespeople say Depeche Mode may tour next year in support of its next album, which will be a second greatest hits compilation.