Depeche Mode's Gahan On The Tribute Treatment

After the successful release of "Ultra," its thirteenth album, last year, Depeche Mode is planning to make a full-blown return this year with a European and American tour, a double album retrospective and, to top it all off, the band will receive the tribute treatment.

As we previously reported (see "GLU On Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode Projects"), the upcoming Depeche Mode tribute album being organized by God Lives Underwater will feature reworkings of the band's material by such artists as the Smashing Pumpkins, the Cure, the Foo Fighters, Smashmouth and the Deftones.

"It's really flattering," commented Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan to MTV News about the tribute album. "It's interesting to hear other people's perspective on our songs and the way that they hear them and the way that musically they record them" [700k QuickTime].

"I particularly like the Smashing Pumpkins version

of "Never Let Me Down," Gahan said, "because it's kind of like the opposite of what you'd expect the Pumpkins to do with it. I actually like their version a lot better than ours."

The Depeche Mode tribute album is scheduled to arrive in stores in August, while (see "Depeche Mode Talks Tour, Will Visit The U.S. ...") the band plans to launch its first American tour in five years this October to coincide with the release of the greatest hits set.