Deftones Make Big Plans For "White Pony" Release

The Deftones will release their highly anticipated album, "White Pony," on June 20, and the band has some surprises in store for fans when the CD arrives.

When the album hits stores, it will feature several CD-ROM enhancements that were put together by Mike Donk, a longtime follower of the band who runs a popular fan-based Web site devoted to the group.

Donk was allowed to document the band through all stages of the recording of its new LP and has included some of that footage on the CD. Other extras include photos of The Deftones at their Sacramento rehearsal studio, the recording studio, and at home, along with handwritten notes from the band members, a multimedia game, and more.

On June 1, The Deftones will host what is being billed as an online "house party" from the Arcadia club on Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. Three hundred friends, fans, and other guests will be invited to attend the event, at which band members will showcase their favorite

selections from "White Pony." The event will be Webcast live at

"White Pony" will also be available in a limited quantity of special edition CDs, 50,000 in red jewel cases and 50,000 in black. Those discs will also feature a bonus track and the enclosed booklet and packaging will vary slightly, depending on the color of the jewel case.

The Deftones' Maverick Recordings label will also produce a six-minute electronic press kit film for "White Pony." The film shows a totalitarian, oppressive future where gas masks and oxygen tanks are required for survival. As the story develops, The Deftones and their music are revealed as a form of relief from the chaos.

The EPK will be available to fans in "PG" and "R"-rated versions via Maverick's street team and will be shipped to skateboard shops, skateboard parks, and numerous retail outlets. The kit will also include the video for "White Pony's"

first single, "Change." Maverick also has plans to screen the EPK as a short film at various "art house" theaters around the country.

An early taste of the album will arrive when the first single, "Change," is released on May 8.

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