Cypress Hill To Record First Live Album

After completing a slew of high-energy dates with Limp Bizkit on the free, Napster-sponsored "Back To Basics" tour, Cypress Hill will head to San Francisco for a one-off show that will be taped for the group's first-ever live album.

The intimate concert will take place at the Fillmore on August 16 and will also be filmed for an accompanying home video and DVD.

As with the group's sets on the current Napster tour, Cypress will have live-band backup onstage courtesy of Sen Dog's other act, SX-10.

"We been experimenting with [using a live band] with the older songs," B-Real told MTV Radio. "Using some of the songs from 'Black Sunday,' like '[I] Ain't Goin' Out Like That' and 'Lick A Shot' and 'Cock The Hammer.' [We're] using those songs as our experimental stage right now to see if people will be accepting of what we do, and those songs have translated well.

"People have been excited to see us with a live band, 'cause it's a whole new side of Cypress," he added. [RealAudio]

In addition to live tracks, the as-yet-untitled album is expected to contain a few new studio cuts. Meanwhile, the home video and DVD will contain live concert footage, videos, and a band documentary. All three items are slated for release on December 12.