Crystal Method, Orbital, Lo Fidelity Allstars Join Forces For Tour

The Crystal Method, Orbital, and the Lo Fidelity Allstars will head out on the road together this summer for the inaugural edition of the Community Service Tour, beginning July 4 in Chicago.

Organizers behind the electronica festival are still hammering out venues for the outing, which came about when the Crystal Method and Orbital decided to combine forces after originally planning to launch separate U.S. tours in July.

Each Community Service concert will run approximately six hours with each act delivering a full-length set, and DJ John Kelley will spin records during the set changes.

"We're big fans of everyone on this tour," Crystal Method's Ken Jordan explained in a release announcing plans for the 18-city fest. "In fact, Orbital was the first band Scott and I ever saw perform live. This will be the way all concerts should be, all killer and no filler. It's not like waiting an hour, a band plays and then some roadie puts in a Foghat tape."

Even though the tour won't

kick off for almost two months, there are already discussions about making Community Service an annual happening with a rotating cast of electronica acts.

Despite the already crowded summer market, representatives for the Community Service artists are confident that the lineup is strong enough to be a viable draw and bring in its share of fans.

"The Crystal Method and Orbital have built up reputations as live concert acts," offered Crystal Method's manager, Richard Bishop. "People buy a ticket to see them for the same reasons they buy a ticket to see Korn or Pearl Jam or any other rock act."

The early itinerary for the Community Service Tour:

  • 7/4 - Chicago, IL
  • 7/6 - Detroit, MI
  • 7/7 - Cleveland, OH
  • 7/8 - Pittsburgh, PA
  • 7/9 - New York, NY
  • 7/10 - Boston, MA
  • 7/11 - Philadelphia, PA
  • 7/13 - Jacksonville, FL
  • 7/14 - Atlanta, GA
  • 7/15 - New Orleans, LA
  • 7/16 - Austin, TX
  • 7/17 - Dallas, TX
  • 7/18 - Tulsa, OK
  • 7/20 - Phoenix,


  • 7/21 - San Diego, CA
  • 7/22 - Las Vegas, NV
  • 7/23 - San Francisco, CA
  • 7/24 - Los Angeles, CA