Creeper Lagoon On Receiving The Dust Brother Treatment

As producer-wunderkinds the Dust Brothers prepare to release their "Greatest Hits" record, the first offering from the Brothers' NickelBag label is already kicking up a little dirt of its own. The band is called Creeper Lagoon, and their first single is "Wonderful Love."

With the new single and several other album tracks produced by Duster John King, the Bay Area band became quickly indoctrinated with the duo's quirky style and soundings, which have graced records ranging from Hanson and Beck to the Beastie Boys. Creeper Lagoon sat down with MTV News recently and discussed working with the heavyweight production team and the experience of being sonically "dusted."

"[The Dust Brother] are song massagers," said vocalist/guitarist Ian Sefchick, "they make them feel better, so we got to have a second chance on a lot of the songs. We'd recorded some of the material already, but there was certain things about it that bugged me for months and months. With John we got to go in there

and just redo it, all the stuff we didn't like."

"[John] was like kind of a mid-wife to the whole song process," added guitarist Sharky Laguana, "and he just kind of helped pull that baby out. Made it all come together." [550k QuickTime]

Creeper Lagoon plays tonight at Liquid Joe's in Salt Lake City, and will hook up with Rocket from the Crypt for an extended summer tour together, beginning on July 14 in New Orleans.