Creed's Scott Stapp To Receive Parental Award

Creed's Scott Stapp has been named the first recipient of an online "Fatherhood Hall Of Fame" award that will be bestowed on the singer by the parental rights organization Women For Fatherhood prior to the band's show in Hartford, Connecticut on June 24.

Stapp was nominated for the honor for his compassion, guidance, and loyalty in his role as father to his 20-month-old son, Jagger, who inspired Creed's current single, "With Arms Wide Open," as well as for bucking rock and roll stereotypes about singers.

Women For Fatherhood founder Kasey Blake and national spokesperson Sari Friedman will present Stapp with the inaugural award during a ceremony at the Meadows Music Theater. The statue contains an etching of a father with a child on his shoulders and an inscription that reads: "Women For Fatherhood honors Scott Stapp, whose arms will always be wide open for Jagger."

After receiving the award, Stapp will join his Creed bandmates for a set at the WMRQ

104 Fest 2000, a radio-sponsored concert that will also feature performances from Sevendust, Eve 6, The Amazing Crowns, Shades Apart, and 3 Doors Down.