Live Cuts Demos For Next LP, Enlists Counting Crows' Duritz

Even though Live is busy with its road duties as part of a co-headlining tour with Counting Crows, the York, Pennsylvania, band recently found time to cut some demos for the planned follow-up to its latest album, "The Distance To Here."

Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk told MTV Radio that the group has already laid down almost a dozen new tunes, two of which have already been mixed, including "Deep Enough," which Live has been performing recently in concert.

"We've been writing a lot during the 'Distance To Here' world tour," Kowalczyk said. "We had this break [in July], and we put down 10 songs. We're actually mixing some of them and just seeing [what happens]. We don't have a release date or anything, but this is as far ahead as we've ever been as far as having new music within the same year as we put out a record." [RealAudio]

For the new material, Live has been

working with the husband-and-wife team that helped craft Chris Cornell's solo LP, "Euphoria Morning." Kowalczyk also managed to talk Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz into recording some background vocals on another new song, titled "Flow."

"We're working with this guy, Alain Johannes, and his wife, Natasha [Shneider]," Kowalczyk said, "and they're in a band called Eleven. They are a production team and they have a studio in their house. They did the Chris Cornell record. They produced it and actually wrote some stuff with him.

"We worked for about two weeks," he added, "and just got really, really creative and were writing

songs in the morning, tracking them in

the afternoon. That was one of the [new] ones, 'Flow.' We wrote it in the morning and then Adam [Duritz] was having a really bad day, so I talked to him on the phone [and said], 'Why don't you come over and sing? It'll make you feel better.' He came over and put this really cool background part down, so it was fun." [RealAudio]

Based on the successful vocal collaboration on "Flow," Kowalczyk said that he was leaving open the possibility of co-writing some new material with Duritz once the joint tour concludes after an appearance at the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans on October 28.

"As far as writing [with Duritz], I'd be open to it," he noted. "I think our friendship is something that will grow and continue on, because we both live in the same city. We barbecue together, so why not write

songs together, you

know?" [RealAudio]

The remaining dates of the Live-Counting Crows tour:

  • 8/25 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Virginia Beach Amphitheater
  • 8/26 - Hershey, PA @ Hershey Stadium
  • 8/28 - Toronto, ON @ Molson Amphitheater
  • 8/29 - Montreal, QC @ Molson Centre
  • 8/31 - Darien Center, NY @ Darien Lakes Performing Arts Center
  • 9/1 - Syracuse, NY @ New York State Fair
  • 9/2 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Star Lake Amphitheater
  • 9/3 - Columbia, MD @ Merriweather Post Pavilion
  • 9/12 - Milwaukee, WI @ Marcus Amphitheater
  • 9/13 - Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center
  • 9/16 - Seattle, WA @ The Gorge
  • 9/17 - Portland, OR @ Rose Garden
  • 9/19 - Reno, NV @ Reno Hilton
  • 9/20 - Sacramento, CA @ Sacramento Valley Amphitheater
  • 9/22 - Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theater
  • 9/23 - Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theater
  • 9/25 - Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theater
  • 9/27 - Flagstaff, AZ @ Nau Skydome
  • 9/28 - San Diego, CA @ Coors Amphitheater

  • 9/30 - Irvine, CA @ Irvine Meadows Amphitheater
  • 10/2 - Las Vegas, NV @ Aladdin Hotel
  • 10/3 - Phoenix, AZ @ Desert Sky Pavilion
  • 10/5 - Denver, CO @ Fiddlers Green
  • 10/6 - Albuquerque, NM @ Mesa Del Sol Amphitheater
  • 10/8 - Austin, TX @ South Park Meadows
  • 10/10 - Dallas, TX @ Starplex
  • 10/11 - Houston, TX @ Woodlands Pavilion
  • 10/13 - Nashville, TN @ Amsouth Amphitheater
  • 10/14 - Atlanta, GA @ Lakewood Amphitheater
  • 10/16 - Charlotte, NC @ Blockbuster Pavilion
  • 10/17 - Raleigh, NC @ Alltel Pavilion - Walnut Creek
  • 10/19 - Tampa, FL @ Ice Palace Arena
  • 10/21 - West Palm Beach, FL @ Mars Music Amphitheater
  • 10/22 - Orlando, FL @ Waterhouse Centre Arena
  • 10/25 - Starkville, MS @ Humphrey Coliseum
  • 10/27 - Birmingham, AL @ Oak Mountain Amphitheater
  • 10/28 - New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Music Festival