Alice Cooper'stown Takes A Swing In Phoenix

November 24 [10:00 EDT] -- Original shock rocker Alice Cooper is putting on a new hat -- make that a cap. He's about to become the proprietor of a sports bar in Phoenix, Arizona. Local newspapers report that Cooper and venture partner Brian Weymouth are about to launch "Alice Cooper'stown," a sports bar and restaurant.

The eatery will serve a Western barbecue menu and feature a decor of sports memorabilia, particularly baseball, but it will also include rock n' roll. According to the "Phoenix Business Journal," Cooper will be putting together a house band as well as encouraging performances from musically-inclined athletes.

Like Alice himself, the bar will have a twist. Unlike its famous namesake, the Baseball Hall of Fame headquarters in Cooperstown which honors baseball's best, this Cooper'stown will occasionally pay homage to the odd -- the "bloopers of baseball" -- according to Weymouth.

"We will have our own Hall of Fame inductee ceremonies where we

induct individuals that may have done the wild, the weird and the wacky," Weymouth told the "Phoenix Business Journal." "It may just be a guy who made a bizarre play."

The two partners first threw around the idea when they were both coaching Little League in Phoenix. Some other investors were brought in to bat and the idea hit a home run. The bar, set to open this Spring, is situated in downtown Phoenix.

"It will be the Taj Mahal of sports bars," Cooper told the Journal.