Ozzy To Join Coal Chamber On Monday To Revisit Gabriel's "Monkey"

Coal Chamber will have to wait a little bit longer to live out its metal dream. The band was scheduled to meet up with heavy metal godfather Ozzy Osbourne in a Los Angeles recording studio on Tuesday to record a cover of Peter Gabriel's "Shock The Monkey." However, early this week Osbourne was forced to postpone the session when he fell ill. Osbourne is simply under the weather, and is expected to reschedule the session in the near future.

Once Ozzy, whose wife Sharon manages Coal Chamber, eventually joins Coal Chamber on the track, the song will turn up on Coal Chamber's upcoming album "Chamber Music."

We first reported that the collaboration was in the works last month (see "Ozzy To Join Coal Chamber To Cover Peter Gabriel's 'Monkey'"), when Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafaro told MTV News, "If you listen to the original track, it sounds like Ozzy. Peter Gabriel and Ozzy sound the same.

They have that high range thing, so we were like, 'Let's have Ozzy come in,' and then we heard he was a big Peter Gabriel fan. It just came together. It was killer." [28.8 RealVideo]

This time around, on the band's second album, they are promising to take their dense, moody sound even further.

"It’s definitely going to have more of a dark element," guitarist Meegs Rascon told MTV News of the album. "That’s the whole Spooky Core term. Definitely going to have more of a dark element." [28.8 Real Video]

"The first album I think was really good but it’s just one dimensional, and uh we, we were afraid," Fafara explained. "I went in real dry on all of the vocals and real dry with all of the tones.

Now I think we’re

free to experiment more." [28.8 RealVideo],

The results of that experimentation, and of the band's collaboration with Ozzy, will turn up later this year on "Chamber Music."