Cam'ron Joined By Destiny's Child, O.D.B. On "S.D.E."

Cam'ron, the 22-year-old former All-City baller, is ready to drop his new album, "S.D.E.," on September 19.

"The title of the album [stands for] 'sports, drugs, entertainment,'" the MC explained to MTV News. "Basically, [those are] the three elements of my life. I played ball, went away to school... didn't work out, so I came home, hustled, [went on] probation, and now I'm doing music. That's what works best for me."

Guests on the album include Destiny's Child, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Noreaga, and the always unpredictable Ol' Dirty Bastard, whose presence in the studio, Cam'ron said, was an act of fate.

"I had a session [in the studio and was] playing a beat. [O.D.B.] walked in the studio,

like, 'Yo! I don't know whose session

this is, but I like this beat.' Somebody was like, 'This is Cam'ron,' so he's like, 'I love Cam'ron. Where he at?' I'm like, 'Yo, O.D., I'm right here. It's good.' He said, 'Yo, I wanna get on this beat.' I said, 'Well, go ahead.'

"He wrote it, 10 minutes, went in there, punched in his lines, and left. I never seen him again, ever." [RealAudio]

Cam'ron made a name for himself in the summer of 1998 with a barrage of hit singles that included "Horse & Carriage," a duet with rapper-turned-minister Mase, and "Pull It" with DMX. Before either Cam'ron or Mase were signed, they were in the Harlem rap group Children Of The Corn along with Cam'ron's cousin, Bloodshed, who passed away several years ago.

His first album since 1998's gold-selling "Confessions Of Fire," "S.D.E." will be released on Epic Records, the parent company of Untertainment, an imprint of Epic founded

by Lance

"Un" Rivera that folded last summer. "What Means The World To You," the Armando-produced lead single from "S.D.E.," is currently on radio.