Built To Spill Debuts On Internet

Jan. 21 [14:00 EST] -- If you've caught the advance buzz on Built To Spill's major label debut, and can't wait until the album hits stores, you can visit Sonicnet to preview the group's latest effort.

Beginning at noon on Tuesday, users can check out RealAudio 3.0 versions of the tracks from "Perfect From Now On," the band's Warner Bros. debut.

For the uninitiated, Built To Spill is the brainchild of guitarist Doug Martsch, who assembles a group of musicians, records an album, and then dismantles the group (hence the name Built To Spill). Before signing to Warner Bros. in 1995, the band (in its various forms) recorded 1993's "Ultimate Alternative Wavers," and 1994's "There's Nothing Wrong With Love" on the indie labels C/Z and Up Records respectively.