BT, M. Doughty "Come Down" For DJ Rap, Revelations

Renowned dance producer BT has just released his third solo album, "Movement In Still Life," and the first single from the LP, "Never Gonna Come Back Down," has just cracked the Top 50 at alternative radio, according to "R&R."

"Never Gonna Come Back Down" was a collaborative effort between BT and former Soul Coughing frontman M. Doughty. The two recently discussed the colorfully bizarre track, which includes biblical allusions as well as references to the comely Charissa Saverio--also known as DJ Rap.

"It's just great," Doughty told MTV News. "For 'Never Gonna Come Back Down,' he just picks the mic up and is like, 'All right, get on the mic.' So, whatever, I just went off the top of my head, talkin' about stuff, and [BT] was like, 'OK, do it again.' So, again, off the top of my head, just talkin', and then a third time."


I went downstairs," he continued, "watched a little 'Braveheart,' got my Mel Gibson on, and then I came back upstairs and it was this track. It was the least labor intensive thing I've ever done in music, so I was like, 'I gotta get with this guy.'"

BT also admitted that he was surprised at the ease at which the song and the vocals came together.

"Poor Doughty was like, 'Are you sure you don't want me to do more vocals?'" BT remembered. "I was like, 'No, dude, we got it. We're good, trust me.' It was so cool, because each one of the takes--I mean, we literally [only] did three or four takes--and each one of the takes was about completely dissimilar things."

"On one he was talking about the book of Revelation," BT added. "One he was

talking about DJ Rap. So, it was just insanity, and cutting them together actually ended up making sense." [RealVideo]

"Well, the whole first take is me going, 'Oh, DJ Rap, you're so good looking. Brian, give me DJ Rap's phone number, now!" Doughty said. "And the second one is like, 'And the seven thunders uttered from the book of life.'"

"So it ends up making sense in some irrational, surreal sort of way," BT interjected.

"And when we say, 'Never Gonna Come Back Down,' we don't mean drugs," Doughty explained. "Oh, no."


I still don't know what he means," BT said, laughing. "He won't tell me. He was like, 'I'm writing this in code. No one will ever understand.'"

"Yeah, like 'Doubt will be the fire,'" Doughty said, referring to some of the song's lyrics. "I was thinking about that. What the f*** does 'Doubt will be fire of your delight' mean?"

"I have no clue," BT answered. "You wrote it, dude."

"That's what they tell me," [RealVideo] Doughty concluded.

BT and Doughty have also teamed up for another track,

"The Heat And The Hate," that will be featured on Doughty's forthcoming solo album (see "M. Doughty Talks Solo Plans With BT").

As for BT, he is currently gearing up to launch a tour in support of "Movement In Still Life" on July 12 in Orlando, with the rest of the dates currently mapped out as follows:

  • 7/12 - Orlando, FL @ Icon
  • 7/13 - Tampa, FL @ Tampa Amphitheater
  • 7/14 - Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Chili Pepper
  • 7/15 - Jacksonville, FL @ 618
  • 7/20 - Detroit, MI @ State Theatre
  • 7/21 - Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheater
  • 7/22 - San Jose, CA @ Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
  • 7/25 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
  • 7/27 - Boston, MA @ Axis
  • 7/28 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest Club
  • 7/29 - Los Angeles, CA @ Giant
  • 7/30 - Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Hotel / Outdoor Pool
  • 8/4 - Chicago, IL @ Crowbar
  • 8/6 - Toronto, ON @ The Guvernment
  • 8/9 - Dallas, TX @ Red


  • 8/11 - El Paso, TX @ Area 51
  • 8/12 - Houston, TX @ International Ballroom
  • 8/9 - Atlanta, GA @ Henderson Center
  • 9/2 - Melbourne, FL @ Convention Center