BT Drops Beats With Doughty, Plans Time With Gabriel

After years of crafting chart-topping dance singles for clubs, producer supreme BT is enjoying his first crossover hit with "Never Gonna Come Back Down," the lead single from his new solo album, "Movement In Still Life."

The song, a collaborative effort between himself and M. Doughty (see "BT, M. Doughty 'Come Down' For DJ Rap, Revelations,") has just leapt into the Top 20 at Alternative Radio, and Doughty recently reprised his vocal role during an appearance at BT's New York City show on Tuesday night.

BT (Brian Transeau), who has earned credits with such artists as Peter Gabriel, Sasha, and Tori Amos, told MTV Radio that he came to work with the former Soul Coughing frontman through a series of common personal and business connections.

"Doughty and I have a couple of visual artist friends in common," he said,

"and also, too, Doughty's old manager was partners with my manager now. Between them and these friends that we had in common, we just started talking.

"Doughty is really into drum & bass and stuff. His [old] drummer [Yuval Gabay], the drummer from Soul Coughing, played on a bunch of Optical stuff, and they're really, really open-minded people.

"Doughty and I just started talking," BT continued, "and I was like, 'Yo, man, I wrote this track that I think might be really cool for you to sing on,' and he was like, 'All right, send it to me.' I sent it to him, and I got a phone call a day later, and he's like, 'Man, this is sweet. I'm gonna come out and let's do some vocals for this.' I was like, 'Okay, cool.'"

BT is currently winding down a one-man tour in support of "Movement In Still Life," and in September, he plans to head out the road backed by a full band. BT also has time set aside to return to England and reteam with Peter Gabriel, with whom he worked on Gabriel's Millennium Dome project.

According to BT, Gabriel has some 150 songs written for his long-awaited new album, the follow-up to his 1992 record, "Us," and BT has been asked to help pitch in and produce some of Gabriel's new material.

"The stuff he does is just... he's such a fascinating guy," BT said of Gabriel. "He draws these paintings for each one of the songs he works on. He kind of sits down as he's working on the lyrics and he works on the paintings. So he's got all these half-finished paintings all over his writing room.

"He's got, like, 150 songs, and they're in various states of recording and all that kind of stuff, so he's asked me to go over and help out with a couple of them in the fall, and I'm like, 'Okay. [Laughs] Yeah, no problem.'" [RealAudio]

The remaining dates for BT's solo tour:

  • 7/28 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest
  • 7/29 - Los Angeles, CA @ Giant
  • 7/30 - Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Hotel
  • 8/4 - Chicago, IL @ Crowbar
  • 8/5 - Seattle, WA @ Radio Fest
  • 8/6 - Toronto, ON @ The Guvernment
  • 8/9 - Dallas, TX @ Red Jacket
  • 8/11 - El Paso, TX @ Area 51
  • 8/12 - Houston, TX @ International Ballroom
  • 8/19 - Atlanta, GA @ Henderson Arena
  • 9/2 - Melbourne, FL @ Convention Center