702 Moves From Brandy To Silk, And Loves It

The ladies of 702 have embarked on the second leg of a high-profile summer leaving their tour with Brandy to assume the opening slot on the road with Silk.

"That's the best part, performing is," Meelah explained. "Definitely, definitely, because then you just have the chance to do whatever comes to you naturally without somebody stopping you and saying, 'wait, hold on, don't do it that way, try it this way or try it that way.' You can just get up there and say whatever and not care. Plus you have so many fans out there, it's just fun, it's a rush."

The ladies will take a break from that fun later this month when they hook up with director Billie Woodruff in Los Angeles to shoot a video for the track "You Don't Know." Woodruff worked with the group on its video for the song "Where My Girls At."