David Bowie To Play Concert For BowieNet Users

Rock chameleon David Bowie will play a concert at New York's Roseland Ballroom on June 19 exclusively for members of his BowieNet Internet service.

"The Roseland shows will be something special I think, as they will feature several songs that I haven't sung in years and a couple that I've never done live," Bowie said in a statement. Although Bowie refers to more than one concert in his statement, his publicist, Fran Curtis, said that she knew of only one event being scheduled.

Tickets for the gig went on sale for current BowieNet members on Tuesday, while new members and those who extend their subscriptions will receive two free tickets while supplies last, according to a press release from Bowie's publicist.

The show was announced to coincide with the launch of BowieNet V.2, the latest incarnation of Bowie's online service. Subscribers receive email and Web access, along with access to chat groups, music and art through his official Web site

HREF="http://www.davidbowie.com" target="new">www.davidbowie.com.

The singer has long been an entrepreneur. He's raised cash by selling bonds against his royalties and last year founded Bowiebanc.com, a full-service online bank.

Bowie, a father-to-be, also will headline England's Glastonbury Festival in June.

"Because of the imminent arrival of a new family member, I'm keeping my performances down to only a handful throughout this entire year," he said in his statement.