Mary J. Blige Talks About Joining Kirk Franklin, R. Kelly, Bono

Even though she's used to having the spotlight all to herself, Mary J. Blige had no problem hooking up with Kirk Franklin, Bono, and R. Kelly for a benefit song that will pop up next month.

Franklin approached Blige about lending her talents to "Lean On Me," the benefit track that will turn up on Franklin's upcoming "Nu Nation Project" album. Blige pointed to her affinity for Franklin's work, as well as the fact that the song will benefit arson-ravaged churches in the South, as her reasons for joining in on the track.

"We all need a fountain. We all need somewhere to go," Blige told MTV News of the track. "I mean, we're not just walkin' on earth, just walkin' and wakin' up. We got somebody to thank, or something to thank, for wakin' and breathin' in the morning. Think about it."

The work that Blige did with Franklin, Kelly, and Bono will turn up on "Nu Nation Project" in October. Meanwhile, Blige is also working on her next studio album, and expects to release

its first single, "No Happy Holidays," in November.