Teddy Riley Sues Ex-Bandmate

Teddy Riley, who led the Grammy-winning group Blackstreet, filed a $2 million lawsuit against former member, Chauncey Hannibal, last Friday in Virginia Beach Circuit Court.

The crossover R&B group, formed in 1993, disbanded a year after winning the best R&B group performance Grammy for their single, "No Diggity."

According to the Associated Press, Riley feels that Chauncey Hannibal defamed him by promoting his rap song, "Shame On You," during appearances on MTV, and various radio stations.

Riley accuses Hannibal, who performs as Hannibal Black, of stealing the song from him, and reciting lyrics that imply that Riley is an "unethical and dishonest person."

Riley wants the court to force Hannibal to refrain from performing the song, and leveling further accusations against him.

"I never said his name in that song," Hannibal replied. "If you want to take it like that, okay. The truth hurts. But I never said his name."