Teen Suing Black Crowes For Hearing Damage

The Black Crowes, who may or may not be touring with one of the loudest bands in rock history this summer (The Who), may be offering that act a little competition.

The Associated Press is reporting that an Ohio teenager is suing the group for hearing damage that was allegedly incurred at one of the Crowes' tour stops last year.

Granville, Ohio residents Joshua Harmon and his parents Paul and Sarah Harmon filed a $385,000 lawsuit against the band on Monday in Knox County Circuit Court. The suit claims that 19-year-old Joshua, who was seated in the second row at an April 2, 1999 Black Crowes concert in Knoxville, Tennessee, suffered "severe acoustic trauma" and permanent damage to his right ear.

According to the AP, Three Knoxville companies are also named as defendants in the suit: promoter A.C. Entertainment Inc., Historical Tennessee Theatre Foundation (the venue), and M&L Sound Inc. (the sound company).

At press time, representatives of the Black

Crowes were not able to be reached for comment.