Ex-Police Officer Suspected In Notorious B.I.G. Shooting

As Notorious B.I.G's new posthumous album, "Born Again," arrives in stores this week, a report has surfaced that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a former officer in regard to his possible involvement in the rapper's shooting back in March 1997.

According to an article in the Thursday edition of "The Los Angeles Times," investigators at the LAPD currently suspect that former officer David A. Mack might have met with Death Row Records' CEO Marion "Suge" Knight to arrange a contract killing of Wallace.

Mack, who is currently serving a 14-year prison sentence for robbing $722,000 from a bank in November 1997, is also suspected of hiring a former University of Oregon classmate, Amir Muhammad, to perform the hit on Biggie Smalls. Authorities have apparently been unable to locate Muhammad since he visited Mack in prison the day after Christmas in 1997.

According to the article, police documents indicate that an eyewitness has placed Mack at the

scene of the March 1997 shooting by someone who was riding in the same motorcade as Biggie, and Mack apparently drove a car similar to the dark-colored Chevrolet Impala that was seen driving away from the shooting.

Mack grew up in the same neighborhood in Compton as Knight and has refused to cooperate with officials involved in the Smalls investigation. The LAPD has spent the last two years attempting to build a case against the ex-officer.

Knight is currently serving a nine-year sentence for violating a probation charge that was the result of a 1992 attack on two rappers at a Hollywood studio. The former Death Row Records chief broke the probation when he took part in a 1996 assault on a man at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The LAPD has yet to formally charge anyone for the fatal shooting of Notorious B.I.G., although various theories have suggested that the killing was the result of an East Coast-West Coast feud between rival rap labels, or over a money dispute between

Wallace and the L.A. gang the Southside Crips.