Wilco, Sister Hazel Join Afghan Whigs, Gin Blossoms On Big Star Tribute

Wilco and Sister Hazel are the latest bands to hop on-board an upcoming tribute album to power pop pioneers Big Star that already boasts the Afghan Whigs, Matthew Sweet, R.E.M.'s Mike Mills and Gin Blossoms among others.

Big Star drummer Jody Stephens has been working on the album, titled "BIG STARsmall world," for years, and since we first reported on the tribute in November of 1996, Wilco has handed over a version of "Thirteen" and Sister Hazel entered Ardent Studios in Memphis (where Stephens now works) to record "September Girls."

"It's interesting to hear how the songs hold up under different musical interpretations," Stephens told MTV News Online of the project. He said that after a year of mostly paperwork, the album may see the light of day this summer on Ignition Records, but the label says that no release date has been set yet.

Stephens also said that Big Star may get together for a few shows when the album is released.

During Big Star's brief

run from 1972 to 1978, the band crafted a sound that influenced bands from the Replacements to R.E.M. Many of those who worship at the alter of Big Star will turn up on "BIG STARsmall world." Here's what you'll find:

  • Afghan Whigs - "Nightime"
  • The Posies - "What's Goin Ahn"
  • The Gin Blossoms - "Back of a Car"
  • Kelly Willis - "When My Baby's Beside Me"
  • Whiskeytown - "Give Me Another Chance"
  • Teenage Fanclub - "Jesus Christ"
  • Juliana Hatfield - "Don't Lie To Me
  • Matthew Sweet w/ R.E.M.'s Mike Mills - "Ballad of El Goodo"
  • The Idle Wilds - "You Get What You Deserve"
  • Wilco - "Thirteen"
  • Sister Hazel - "September Girls"
  • Big Star - "Hot Thing"