Fat Joe, Others To Tribute Big L

Fat Joe is expected to come out this weekend for his late Diggin' In The Crates counterpart Big L at a basketball game being staged in the late rapper's honor.

As we previously reported, Big L was gunned down in February of last year in front of his home in Harlem, New York (see "Fat Joe Associate Big L Dead At 22").

Now Fat Joe and several other hip-hop notables are expected to turn out on Sunday, July 30 for an all-star basketball game being staged in his honor at Harlem's Rucker Park. The late rapper's posthumous album, "The Big Picture," hits stores next week, and this weekend's game will serve as a backdrop for the video for Big L's "Holdin' It Down."

There are no confirmations yet for the cameos for the clip, but there are talks that former Bad Boy artist Mase will be on hand.

Fat Joe has said that he will be there serving as the coach of one of the teams playing on Sunday.

Big L had

released one album, 1995's "Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous," which featured the debut of Cam'ron as Killer Cam (on a song called "Eight Iz Enuff"). The album also featured an appearance by Jay-Z on a track called "The Graveyard."