Big Pun Remembered By Beatnuts' Psycho Les

Two months after his death, the late Latino rapper Big Punisher will debut at number three on Monday's new "Billboard" chart, with "Yeeeah Baby," a posthumous album that, according to Soundscan, sold some 180,000 copies after one week in stores.

The record was unveiled on April 4 at the renowned "Jimmy's Bronx CafÈ," in pun's native Bronx, New York and it was there that we asked Psycho Les of the Beatnuts about his memories of the big man.

"I remember doing the first hit, our first hit with pun, yo," Les said of his dear, departed friend. "Our first hit with pun, yo, it was called "Off The Books," you know. When he was still trying to come up, but us as the Beatnuts, me and my partner Ju Ju we was like, 'Yo, Pun is ill, yo. He could take this track to the next level.' And that (song) was gonna be our single, so we connected with him, the vibe was beautiful, and we just did it,

yo. That's history made right there, yo." [RealVideo]

"Off The Books" was included on the Beatnuts' 1997 LP "Stone Crazy." For more information on Big Pun and his legacy, including a complete discography, check out the MTV News Online feature "Big Pun: In Memory."

"Yeeeah Baby" features cameos from Pun's close friend Fat Joe, Ruff Ryder Drag-On, Donell Jones, M.O.P., and Cuban Link.