Psychic TV Founder Awarded Damages Against Rick Rubin, American Recordings

Genesis P-Orridge, founder of the dadist New Wave group Psychic TV, has been awarded close to $2 million in a suit filed against American Recordings and CEO-producer Rick Rubin.

P-Orridge, who has worked with Skinny Puppy and Timothy Leary, sued the label and maverick producer after being injured during a fire that broke out in one of Rubin's houses on April 11, 1995. P-Orridge was staying at the Laurel Canyon home as a guest of musical group Love & Rockets, who was there recording "Sweet F.A." for American at the time.

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles jury awarded P-Orridge $1,572,000 in damages after he broke his ribs, wrist and shattered his elbow while climbing out a window to escape the fire. P-Orridge claimed that the elbow injury had left him permanently unable to play guitar and keyboards, and received an additional $250,000 for pre-judgment interest that had accrued on the damages since the trial began.

In the course of the trial, Rubin had attempted to countersue

Love & Rockets, who has since left American Recordings and signed with Red Ant, but the jury ruled that neither the group nor P-Orridge were liable for the fire, which was later ruled as an accident.

As we previously reported, the members of Love & Rockets are currently working with Peter Murphy as part of the Bauhaus reunion, but do plan to have a new L&R album, entitled "Lift," out in the fall.