Go-Gos Reunion A Go, But Bangles Still In Dry-Dock

Today brings good news and bad news for those hungry for comebacks by 80s girl groups.

The good news... The Go-Gos will be mounting a reunion tour this summer, possibly with another big 80s act on the bill. The group, whose guitarist Charlotte Caffey has a credit on the latest Hole album, also has a bio film in the works too with Ted and Amanda Demme producing.

The bad news... Reports that the Bangles will also soon be mounting a reunion are "greatly exaggerated" according to guitarist Vicky Peterson. Peterson says that she and her sister (drummer Debbie Peterson) and singer Susannah Hoffs are getting together to write some songs on an informal basis, and that the group has been invited to join the third annual Lilith Fair this summer. However, Peterson says that a reunion will not happen unless Bangles bassist Michael Steele agrees to take part, and she hasn't.

We'll keep you posted.