Speech Settles Into Family Life For New Solo Effort

Former Arrested Development frontman Speech is set to release his sophomore album, entitled "Hoopla," in August. The record marks Speech's first solo work since his 1996 self-titled debut, and in the time since that release, he has done extensive touring, released another album in Japan, and tied the knot.

Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Speech says he now lives the life of a family man, and as he told the MTV Radio Network, that outlook was reflected on his new LP.

"My lifestyle is translated into this album very well," Speech explained. "Meaning, I have two kids now, and I'm married. And that whole thing has been something that just translates onto this album, without me saying it flat-out."

Speech's first single from the new record, "Clocks In Sync With Mine," is dedicated to his new bride. For the album the rapper hooked up with Cameo vocalist Tomi Jenkins, Atlanta-based group Mental Menace, and Arrested Development's Nadirah Shakoor. Speech also produced the

debut solo album from Shakoor, which is currently only available in Asia, but may hit our shores soon.