Aguilera's Sore Throat Cancels Trip

While in Miami recording her long promised Spanish album, "Latin Lover Girl," Christina Aguilera wrestled with influenza and lost.

The singer failed to fight off a throat infection, and as a result has been forced to cancel her trip to Britain and a performance in Monaco. Reuters news service had reported that it was an ear infection that was sidelining the singer, but representatives for Aguilera's record label, RCA Records, say that it is in fact the singer's throat that is prompting the change in plans.

Christina was headed to the U.K. to promote the release of her single "I Turn To You" on May 22, but the single's British release is now being pushed back until the singer can make the trip.

Aguilera has been resting in Miami for the last two weeks, and will return to the limelight this weekend as she heads out to Los Angeles with Blink-182 to shoot a cover for "Rolling Stone" magazine.