Aerosmith Lands Buckcherry For Japanese Y2K Gig

Add Aerosmith to the list of artists who have cemented plans for special New Year's Eve gigs, as the venerable rockers will head to Osaka, Japan for a special Y2K performance at the Osaka Dome.

A management representative for Aerosmith confirmed the Osaka concert with MTV News, and that the Los Angeles badboys of Buckcherry will open the December 31 show.

Before ringing in 2000 with Aerosmith, Buckcherry will be out on the road with Kravitz and Smash Mouth until the tour's October 16 finale in Vancouver, British Columbia, and frontman Joshua Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson described to MTV News what fans could expect from its live show.

"A lot of sweat, a lot of verbal diarrhea, and a lot of profanity," Todd said.

"Comedy," added Nelson.

"When all else fails, [there's] comedy,"

Todd continued. "What else?"

"Just lighten up a little bit and enjoy the rock show," Nelson said, "that's what they should expect."

"Lose your mind and faceplant into the crotch of a total stranger," Todd concluded.

Folks, you've been warned. The Lenny Kravitz-Smash Mouth-Buckcherry extravaganza plays the Lakewood Amphitheater in Atlanta on September 18.

-- David Basham