Stars Come Out For Rare Deadsy Show

Deadsy, perhaps the most famous "unknown" band in the country, made just the second live appearance in their four-year history Friday night, drawing a star-packed crowd to the Roxy in Los Angeles.

Guest appearances with and from members of Orgy, Sugar Ray and Korn on past recordings have raised the profile of the industrial-tinged synth-rockers and their frontman, Elijah Blue Allman. The singer's famous lineage — he is the son of Cher and Greg Allman — hasn't hurt, either.

Cher was on hand for the Roxy show, as was Elijah Blue Allman's sister, Chastity Bono. Also among the many celebrities in the crowd were Korn's Jonathan Davis and Munky, the members of Sugar Ray, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, A Perfect Circle's Troy Van Leeuwen, singer Bijou Phillips, gadfly Paris Hilton and actors Jared Leto and Alicia Silverstone, according to Elementree Records, Deadsy's label.

Although the band has been recording since 1996, Deadsy have yet to release an album. Their self-titled debut was recorded and pressed in 1997, with promo copies shipped to the appropriate retail and media sources by Sire/Elektra before business problems at the label brought the release to a grinding halt before it ever reached store shelves.

The group suffered through various other label deals, including a joint venture between Sire and Warner Bros. that was supposed to see a new CD titled Commencement issued a year ago. A label shakeup resulted in Deadsy being cut loose, but they managed to retain ownership of their recordings. They're now on Korn's Elementree label in a joint venture with Dreamworks, making them Elementree's first signing since the label left a partnership with Reprise.

Elementree said Deadsy have been retooling Commencement, re-recording tracks and cutting new songs. A label spokesperson said the album will likely hit stores in July, and that it may have a new title by then — though he added that it could come out as early as March or as late as September.