Nicki Minaj Explains Postponing Rihanna 'Fly' Video

With her 'Super Bass' video set for release, Nicki says she wants to give Rih's current singles their 'moment.'

Nicki Minaj may be on top right now but that doesn't mean the Pink Friday star won't share the spotlight.

Her song [article id="1653259"]"Fly," featuring Rihanna[/article], was slated to be her next single, but now Minaj has decided to change course: Since her and the Loud singer's albums were released within a week of each other, she wanted to let her collaborator's tracks breathe.

So the "Fly" clip won't see the light of day until around Memorial Day, according to the Lil Wayne protégé.

"I'm gonna hold off on the Rihanna video and the Rihanna single for a little bit longer," she told MTV News. " 'Cause we both kind of dropped at the same time. So she has a lot of [songs] in rotation and I want to let her stuff have a moment and do its thing, dominate radio. [Instead], I wanted to come out with something more fun."

Nicki is now set to deliver a visual to "Super Bass," a number included on the deluxe edition of her debut. She's currently performing the track during her [article id="1660265"]set on Weezy's I Am Still Music Tour[/article]. The song is certainly more uptempo than "Fly"; "Super Bass" was produced by Kane Beatz (Lil Wayne, Drake) and is more Katy Perry-ish than her ballad-leaning "Fly."

"I'm taking it back to a few things that I've done, it's a lot more fun," Nicki said of the forthcoming "Super Bass" clip. "It will be my most fun video and my most carefree video, lots of eye candy and lots of beefcakes."

Are you glad Nicki chose "Super Bass" over "Fly" for her next music video? Tell us in the comments!

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