Iggy Azalea And A Bunch Of 'Drag Race' Faves Party At A Funeral In 'Sally Walker' Video

A stylish, morbid extravaganza

Independence is looking damn good on Iggy Azalea.

Last year, the Aussie rapper exited her deal with Island Records to record as an independent artist, and now, she's given us the first taste of what she's been working on. On Friday (March 15), Iggy dropped "Sally Walker," an unexpected spin on the kiddie anthem "Little Sally Walker" that repurposes the lyrics to encourage her girls to "go on, do your thang."

In the accompanying clip — which was shot in Atlanta and directed by Colin Tilley — Iggy slays at, of all places, a funeral. It's a morbid but stylish affair that's just crazy enough to work, especially since the pack of mourners includes RuPaul's Drag Race contestants Shea Couleé, Mayhem Miller, and Miss Vanjie, as well as beauty guru James Charles. There's blood, hearses, and gravestones, but also plenty of twerking, latex, and fierce choreo performed on a cemetery lawn.

And just when the "Money"-esque piano line begins to get lodged inside your brain, Iggy switches it up and concludes the video by previewing a hype new song called "Started" that finds her boasting, "I started from the bottom and now I'm rich ... You started out hating, now you love my drip."

"Sally Walker" is the lead single off Iggy's forthcoming album, In My Defense, which will mark her first release under her joint venture with Empire. In January, she hyped up the project by tweeting, "I'm really proud of my album. It shits on 95% of everything I've ever made & its only half done." She added, "#InMyDefense really is that album that’s gonna make you wanna say fuck you to your own reflection for ever doubting you."

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