'Zombieland' Secrets Revealed By The Cast

What were the most satisfying death scenes? Which parts got cut? We'll let the cast tell you.

This past weekend, millions of moviegoers were transported to the magical, horrific, bloodthirsty realm of [movie id="407353"]"Zombieland."[/movie] But with fun-loving stars like Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone on screen, you know there's got to be more to the story.

We recently caught up with a few of the last remaining humans on Earth to get some secrets on what was going on between the takes we saw this weekend. And they were eager to spill the brains -- er, beans -- on Quentin Tarantino's influence, deleted kills that might make it onto the DVD and which zombie-hunter is most like President Obama.

People Die, Politics Lives Forever: Much of the humor in "Zombieland" is powered by the friendship between Woody's Tallahassee and Jesse's Columbus, a dynamic that they claim reminds them of our president and a certain high-profile heckler. "My character is like Obama," Eiesenberg explained. "And he's like the Joe Wilson of Zombieland." Harrelson, however, disagreed. "I'm not sure I like that analogy," he shot back. "Why can't I be Obama?" Commenting on his character's reluctance to directly confront his heckler, however, Eisenberg said that both Tallahassee and Wilson need to learn their lesson. "Obama knows to just sit it out," he reasoned. "And my character knows: sit it out! [Tallahassee and Wilson] will be rebuked!" Conceded Harrelson: "I haven't heard that word 'rebuke' in decades. I don't get rebuked enough."

More Kills to Come: Leaving "Zombieland," you may have been marveling over the banjo scene or the rollercoaster kills -- but according to the stars, they filmed plenty more that might be restored for the DVD. "[My favorite was] the butter knife to the jugular," Woody offered. "Oh, I'm sorry. That's not in there. They cut that. What else? The leaf blower! Oh no, they didn't use that either, did they?"

The Bride of Zombieland: When it came time to kick ass, Emma Stone turned to a worthy mentor: Uma Thurman. "I've gotta be honest with you: I watched 'Kill Bill,' " she said of her preparation before the film's action scenes. "That was a big one." Laughing, she added, "Ruben, the director, made this list that he e-mailed to me early on that was like, 'You should watch "Terminator" and watch "Alien." ' And I watched zero of them."

What's Better Than Splat?: There's something viscerally satisfying about squashing a bug; according to Stone, the same feeling applies to murder after a zombie apocalypse. "My favorite kill is the part where we're up on this ride," she said of the film's big finale, set on one of those rapidly dropping carnival rides. "Zombies are [climbing it], and I butt one in the head with the back of my shotgun. He falls 80 feet and splats on the ground!" Grinning, she added, "Shooting is one thing, but to really hit someone and they fall and splat? That's a pretty satisfying crunch."

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