'Sharknado' Hits The Internet, And Twitter Takes Cover

The Syfy original movie took over Twitter and Tumblr last night. These were the best reactions.

Last night, a Sharknado hit Twitter, and the Internet will never be the same.

If you don't know what a Sharknado is, let us explain. It's that thing where a tornado or a hurricane picks up a bunch of sharks out of the ocean and tosses them at Los Angeles. It's also the name of the Syfy original movie that premiered last night and scored 386,000 social interactions.

But almost as entertaining as the airborne sharks flying across America's TV screens were the tweets, GIFs and reviews that popped up in their wake.

How The Storm Started

io9 spoke with the writer of "Sharknado," a man named Thunder Levin (let that sink in for a second), and he was kind enough to share how this beautiful meeting of ocean-based mammal and low-pressure weather systems came together. The Asylum, the production company responsible for the movie rip-offs like "Atlantic Rim" that you see in Redbox kiosks, asked him to write a movie based on the title "Shark Storm."

"I asked if this would be a straight up movie about sharks attacking during a storm or a crazy storm made up of sharks," Levin said. "They said it would be straight, so I declined, feeling like we'd seen enough shark movies and enough storm movies." A month later, the Asylum approached again, this time with the title "Sharknado" and a page of notes, and he accepted.

Celebs Take Cover

After "Sharknado" made landfall, it didn't take long for the greatest minds of Twitter shared their two cents about the natural disaster.

I'm afraid that now when we have a real sharknado everyone's going to treat it like a joke

— B.J. Novak (@bjnovak) July 12, 2013

And when Damon Lindelof offered to write the sequel, director Anthony C. Ferrante weighed in.

@DamonLindelof I'm available tomorrow ... let's shoot it. Can you pound out a draft by 8:00 am . I have five dollars and some chewing gum.

— Anthony C. Ferrante (@acferrante) July 12, 2013

When she found out that Mia Farrow was watching, Olivia Wilde set her DVR.

I just recorded it based on this review: "@MiaFarrow: Omg omg OMG #sharknado"

— olivia wilde (@oliviawilde) July 12, 2013

Well, there goes my Emmy. RT @Syfy: . @oliviawilde @MiaFarrow We have roles for you both in the #Sharknado sequel @DamonLindelof is writing

— Elizabeth Banks (@ElizabethBanks) July 12, 2013