Haim Tease New Music With Billboards Around The World


Last December, Haim promised their next album would arrive in summer 2017 and warned fans, “you don’t even know what’s coming for you.” And while we may still not know exactly what’s coming, it appears to be getting closer.

Billboards with the three sisters looking windswept against a cityscape have popped up in four major cities: London, Berlin, Sydney, and Los Angeles (on the road you’d take to get from L.A. to Coachella — very smart marketing!).

According to Pitchfork, the trio’s label, Polydor, tweeted today (April 13), “NEW HAIM COMING,” but later deleted the tweet. It was replaced with a “peeping eyes” emoji directed at a story about the stylish new billboards.

It’s been almost four years since Haim released their debut album, Days Are Gone. In a tour teaser shared last year, the sisters said they were so ready to drop new music, and they followed up by premiering two new songs during subsequent live shows.

As of now, these billboards are the surest indicator that Haim’s return is upon us. When asked by a fan what the billboards imply, the band cheekily replied with a smirking emoji. You know the one:

Yep, these three are definitely up to something.

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