Tasty Biscuit

While not breaking new ground, Beta Band frontman Stephen Mason's King Biscuit Time side project serves as further proof of his off-kilter musical genius. No Style reveals him as the band's creative core.

The album's eight tracks are culled from two King Biscuit EPs — a new UK release, also called No Style and 1998's King Biscuit Time Sings Nelly Foggit's Blues in "Me and the Pharaohs."

The record's newer tracks are the standouts, including the Beta Band-esque "I Walk the Earth" (RealAudio excerpt), which features Mason's typically muffled vocals in a Möbius strip of a chorus that rolls over plodding beats and bells.

"Time To Get Up" (RealAudio excerpt) slips away from the singer's electronic leanings to laze about in sunny acoustic melodies, with hazy lyrics drifting in halfway through.

Of the older material from Sings ... "Fatheriver" (RealAudio excerpt) is the most interesting, featuring the King Biscuit indie spin on drum & bass, with Mason emitting his sleepy tones even amidst the frazzled beats.

For Beta Band fans, No Style is a no-brainer, proving that Stephen Mason is just as good on his own as with his Beta chums.