Lady Gaga Vows To Self-Quarantine: The 'Kindest Thing We Can Do'

'I love you world, we'll all get through this'

Lady Gaga is urging others to practice social distancing as a preventive attempt to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, given that she has the ability and privilege to do so.

On Saturday (March 14), the "Stupid Love" singer took to social media with a vow to self-quarantine following a discussion with healthcare professionals. She posed on her sofa alongside her three canine companions with a Chromatica-themed jacket draped over her shoulder.

"So I talked to some doctors and scientists," she wrote. "It’s not the easiest for everyone right now but the kindest/healthiest thing we can do is self-quarantine and not hang out with people over 65 and in large groups." She lamented being unable to spend time with her parents and grandmothers, but said it is "much safer to not," so to reduce the risk of contagion among vulnerable people.

"I’m hanging at home with my dogs," she concluded. "I love you, world, we’ll all get through this. Trust me, I talked to God — she said we’re gonna be OK."

Previously, Gaga tweeted about how important it was "to be kind," on social media. Spreading kindness has always been Gaga's modus operandi, but it appears that the singer has begun leaning more heavily into sharing that message with the debut of her latest single and the unveiling of her new album Chromatica. In the "Stupid Love" video, she's seen wearing a leather jacket proclaiming her a "Kindness Punk."

“ I think it’s so important to acknowledge that we are and must be a global kind singular community,” she shared in a separate post. “ We can’t do this without kindness. And corona virus is not prejudiced. My thought for the day is to accept there will be times we feel powerless and out of control—but we can fill that space with kindness and be a part of the solution to a world problem.”

Gaga is the latest in a chorus of celebrities calling for others to self-quarantine. Taylor Swift urged fans to "cancel plans" and "actually truly isolate as much as you can." Ariana Grande also reminded followers that "your hip hop yoga class" can wait. It is a time of uncertainty, but the message many celebrities and experts alike are sending is crystal clear: if you can do so, stay home.


You can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Not everyone has the option to stay at home, but if you can, you should! Social distancing is the new normal, and we’re here to help.

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