DJ Tanner And Ricky The Paperboy Were Actually A Couple Way Before 'Full House'

Oh, Mylanta

DJ Tanner had several boyfriends through Full House's eight-season run, including Ricky the paperboy from the classic New Year's Eve episode. The duo, who were only a couple for two episodes, had a glorious reunion last month when Candace Cameron Bure made an appearance in a Young Hollywood video — the company of which R.J. Williams (a.k.a. Ricky) is the CEO.

After getting over the shock of seeing Williams all these years later, Bure shared that their first episode together, "Secret Admirer," was a personal favorite of hers. The TV lovers traveled down memory lane, revealing that their time together goes even further back than their Full House days. "We did a Cascade commercial together [at about 5 years old]," Bure recalled. Neither had seen the commercial for years. Bure later posted it to Instagram after 22 Vision, a company that specializes in reuniting actors who've worked together, dug it up.

Since Fuller House is in the middle of filming Season 3, does this mean we might see Ricky again? "I may have to come back," Williams said. "We may have to bring that back." Oh, Mylanta!

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