News Flash: George Harrison on Oasis: They're No Beatles

Modern music, most notably the Gallagher kind, is apparently a source of disappointment for former Beatles superstar George Harrison. The guitarist/ songwriter of such hits as "Here Comes The Sun" and "Taxman" expressed his views while promoting Ravi Shankar's Songs of India in Paris. In the face of the much-hyped Beatles/Oasis comparison, Harrison flat out called the music being created by the Gallagher brothers "not very interesting," according to the Associated Press. In critiquing today's sounds, Harrison also lumped together (get this) the Spice Girls and one of the most famous bands since the Fab Four, U2, asking "Will anyone remember U2 in 20 years, I doubt it. And the Spice Girls? I doubt it." Harrison further commented that since the Beatles have fans from age 7 to 77, "That . . .proves that the group has meaning and still lasts." As for what Harrison likes these days, he said, "I'd prefer to listen to Dylan." -- ATN staff report [Fri., Aug. 29, 1997, 9 a.m. PST]