The Rock Thinks Melissa McCarthy Could 'Kick Vin Diesel’s Ass' In ‘Furious 8’

Watch out Hobbs! Sister Shaw is coming for you.

Reporting by Shaunna Murphy and Madeline Roth

Though it may be a few more years until we see Dominic Toretto and co. back on the big screen for the eighth installment of the "Fast & Furious" franchise, that's not stopping us from imagining all of the possibilities.

Given the ambiguous nature of Deckard Shaw's future -- do you really think an underground steel cell is going to stop that guy? -- we had to ask Jason Statham if he was down for more street fighting in "Furious 8."

"I'd certainly come back for the next one," Statham told MTV News at a press day for "Spy." But we don't think Deckard is going to be the sole bad guy of the next film. It's going to be a family affair: enter Sister Shaw, played by Statham's "Spy" co-star Melissa McCarthy -- and she's totally down for the challenge, FYI.

According to Statham, homegirl could "take Vin Diesel out with a frying pan" in two minutes flat! That's pretty impressive considering Diesel's prowess as a wrench-wielding street fighter. Plus, she's already got the approval from the man himself, Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson.

"She could kick Vin's ass for sure," the "Furious 7" star told MTV News at the press day for his latest action flick "San Andreas." "That goes without saying. Vin's tough though. I've fought him. But Melissa's tough, too."

But is she tough enough to take down Hobbs? "Kick my ass? Well, that's a whole other level of conversation we've got to have," he said. "Whole other level. Settle down, Melissa."

Okay, fine. While The Rock may have quashed our dreams of seeing McCarthy use his signature "Rock Bottom" move against him, he didn't crush our spirit. We're still holding out hope for Rock vs. Statham, round two:

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