Steve’s Getting Married (But Not To D.J.) In 'Fuller House'’s Season 3 Trailer

Celebrating 30 years (!) of Tanner shenanigans

Believe it or not, Full House turns 30 next week, marking three full decades since we were introduced to the Tanners and their wacky shenanigans. To celebrate, Netflix will be dropping the third season of Fuller House on the original show’s birthday (September 22), and the first official trailer gives us a glimpse of the action ahead.

We pick up where Season 2 ended: Stephanie is still dating Kimmy’s brother; Jackson and Ramona are supplying the teen antics; and the whole gang is gearing up for some kind of big musical number. But the real drama, of course, lies with D.J.’s love life. We see her smooching hunky veterinarian Matt, but she’s clearly conflicted about being a bridesmaid (!) in Steve’s wedding (!!) in Japan (!?!). Which, according to Kimmy, “is fine... if you happen to hate fairytales and happy endings.” For once, she makes all the sense in the world.

Elsewhere in the nostalgia-packed clip, Uncle Jesse, Joey, and Danny return for a family reunion, wearing the same clothes they wore in the very first episode of Full House (well, almost the same, according to Jesse).

The third season of Fuller House debuts on Netflix on September 22.