The Conclusion Of The Laser Cat Yearbook Photo Saga Is Better Than You Ever Imagined

Now with 100 percent more laser chihuahua.

If you spent any time in the general vicinity of the internet during the month of September, you are undoubtedly aware of the plight of Draven Rodriguez. He's the Schenectady High School student who united us all in a cause worth fighting for: obtaining permission to use this photo as his senior portrait.

Vincent Giordano / Trinacria Photography


The response from the internet was immediate and passionate.


Even Kesha took up the mantle, tweeting her support of Mr. Rodriguez and his furry friend Mr. Bigglesworth. But when MTV News caught up with Draven a couple weeks ago, he confirmed that the administration would not relent -- only compromise. The photo would be published somewhere in the yearbook, but alas, the graduating senior would not be able to use it as his official portrait.

Don't worry, though. This story has a happy ending:

The other half of the compromise: a photo session featuring not just Draven and his beautiful cat, but also school principal Diane Wilkinson and her chihuahua, Vivienne.

As reported by Buzzfeed, this picture will go in the yearbook to raise awareness for the ASPCA and rescue pets like the two pictured here. It is, dare we say, even better than the original. For lo, the internet cried out for laser cats, and the universe in its infinite power chose instead to bestow upon us both laser cats and laser dogs! It's official: we have everything we ever wanted.

Oh, except a Lifetime Original Movie featuring Mr. Bigglesworth and Vivienne as a crimefighting duo, featuring Seth Rogen as the voice of Mr. Bigglesworth and Alison Brie as Vivienne. Get on that, universe. We're waiting.

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