Ed Sheeran Shook A Banana Wildly For The Toy Instrument Version Of ‘Shape Of You’

Turns out it sounds just as good in the classroom

The mark of a good song is how well it holds up in a completely new context — like, for example, on toy instruments. Ed Sheeran put his No. 1 single "Shape of You" to the test Monday night (February 27) by performing it with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show using xylophones, tambourines, and a banana-shaped hand shaker.

It turns out that "Shape of You" has a beat that's pretty easy to replicate with only tools you'd find in a preschool classroom. Sheeran also sounds great when he has The Roots backing him up on vocals.

While Ed got really into shaking that banana, the best part of the whole performance was probably the moment Black Thought photobombed him from behind. Their onstage chemistry is already perfect.

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