9 Ed Sheeran Performances That'll Give You Every Feel You're Capable Of Feeling

Break out the tissues and watch these performances before his VH1 "Storytellers" performance tonight at 7 ET/PT!

Ed Sheeran is gearing up to make some history on VH1 being the very first artist to ever perform live on "VH1 Storytellers Live."

Ed Sheeran's "VH1 Storytellers Live" goes down tonight at 7 ET/PT straight out of Dublin, Ireland on VH1 (plus, go to or bring up the VH1 app on your phone to watch an exclusive 30-minute after show with Ed). And I don't know about you, but I seriously can't wait (and seriously wish I had a one-way ticket). Ed will, of course, be telling us some personal stories behind the songs, but it's those performances from the one-man band -- and Grammy nominee and performer -- that I'm most looking forward to.

Now for those who haven't seen Ed live, we Sheerios have to warn you: be prepared to basically feel every emotion you're capable of feeling (and a few you didn't know you could feel), because he has the ability to make you feel all it all. Don't believe me? Then watch these nine performances.

He Will Make You Fall Even More In Love

What's he "Thinking Out Loud"? Oh, just that everyone at home is melting in a pool of love.

But He's There To Pick Up The Pieces When It Falls Apart

Oh "I'm A Mess" right now.

Your Ex Did You Wrong? Ed's Got You Covered

"Don't" mess with my heart!

He's There When You Need A Pick-Me-Up After A Break-Up

Remember, "you need me, I don't need you."

He'll Get Deep

Because sometimes life is heavy, just listen to "The A Team."

But He's There To Help You On The Nights You Don't Want To Think

You know you want to "Sing" along.

He's Knows What It's Like To Make A Mistake In Love

You've let go of your "one" true love.

And You Want Them Back...

Just "Give Me Love".

So You're Willing To Pick Up The Pieces

And build a "Lego House." (See what I did there?)

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